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The work of itotheN

Through academic-industry collaborative research, data-backed, science-informed solutions and strategic, innovative partnerships, itotheN strives to elevate the early formation of the human mind as catalyst for global change.

We are thought leaders.

itotheN is home to Measurements for Global Peace: Positive Childhood Environments Report & Index 2022 which uses 35 indicators aligned to 20 factors across six pillars to help measure positive childhood environments for children's emotional development and well-being in countries around the world. 

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We create real solutions.

itotheN uses its unique bioecological framework to conduct systems-focused, country-specific research and analysis on the current state of early childhood socio-emotional development programs and policies. We aim to provide science-informed, data supported and feasible solutions and advisory services to governments, international organizations and donors.


We build partnerships.

In addition to partnering with multiple organizations for specific initiatives, itotheN is the founder and host of the International Intergenerational Impact Network (i3N), a multidisciplinary, cross-sector and global network of organizations and individuals working on the early formation of the human mind and heart for sustainable development around the world. 

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