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Happy Family

"The secret to a happy healthy life has nothing to do with fame, money or hard work. It is the quality and depth of our relationships what matters most."

-Dr .Robert Waldinger, MD Psychiatry
Director of The Study of Adult Development, Harvard University


Farah Arabe. M.S.


As an experienced international development practitioner and full-time parent, I have a lived conviction of what science corroborates: that the early formation of the human mind and heart is vital to global development. Early experiences are linked to positive economic, peace and health outcomes as well as greater happiness and well-being. Emotionally responsive relationships in the early years of life can be transformative to the world and healing to humanity. Let's make it a priority for sustainable change.


Heidi Gasperetti, M.S. 

Human Development & Peace Specialist



Kate Voorheis, L.M.S.W.

Child Mental Health Specialist Leader


Monica Rossel, M.B.A.

Strategy Advisor

Past itotheN Fellows


Sena Bolukoglu

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Early Childhood & Peace


Gayatri Somaiya

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Government & Biological Sciences


Sakshina Bhatt

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International Development

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