"The secret to a happy healthy life has nothing to do with fame, money or hard work. It is the quality and depth of our relationships what matters most."

-Dr .Robert Waldinger, MD Psychiatry
Director of The Study of Adult Development, Harvard University


Farah Arabe

Founder & President

As an experienced international development practitioner and full-time parent, I have a lived conviction of what science corroborates: that the early formation of the human mind and heart is vital to global development. Early experiences are linked to positive economic, peace and health outcomes as well as greater happiness and well-being. Emotionally responsive relationships in the early years of life can be transformative to the world and healing to humanity. Let's make it a priority for sustainable change.


Heidi Gasperetti 

Human Development & Peace Specialist


I am passionate about supporting individuals through their journeys of self-discovered potential and redefining how this can be achieved through human-centered approaches. I believe in the power of social relationships

as foundational to growth individually and as a whole. The focus of my research is looking at the formation of these social developments beginning with children, at the level of families, and the ripple effect.


Sena Bolukoglu

Early Childhood & Peace Specialist

As a former Teacher’s Assistant in a Pre-K, the experience with children aged 4-6 has increased my awareness of childhood development. Thus, I joined ItotheN in December 2020 because of its commitment to impactful and purposeful work by focusing on the early formation of the human mind. Throughout my time at ItotheN I've had an opportunity to practice distinct peacebuilding approaches while discovering positive childhood experiences and their impact on sustainable peace.

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Gayatri Somaiya

Biological Sciences & Government Specialist

I joined itotheN because I understand how important early stages of development are for health, economic and peace outcomes and I am excited to help research the most effective programs to help children in many different societies reach their developmental potential. My work is a reflection of my interests in neuroscience and international affairs and I hope to use that knowledge to continue my research in the field.