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Research Fellowship - International Child/Infant Mental Health (PCES)

About itotheN 


itotheN is an international development consulting organization that aims to provide science-informed, data-backed and context specific advisory on the early formation of human minds for more successful societies. Our mission is to put children’s emotional development at the center of efforts to make our world more peaceful, prosperous and healthy.


The premise at itotheN is that the developmental origins of peace, economic and health outcomes hold the key for intergenerational change. By focusing on the optimal formation of human minds we can predispose our societies to a greater likelihood of success. 


Research Fellowship - International Child/Infant Mental Health (PCEs)


itotheN is looking for intellectually curious, diligent and entrepreneurial individuals interested in the intersection of early childhood, psychology, and international development outcomes. The work of the Research Fellows on Positive Childhood Experiences (PCEs) will focus on supporting the existing PCE work stream in data analysis, technical reviews and institutional report writing.


As a social enterprise in the very early stages of formation, itotheN interns have the opportunity to support other business activities such as business strategy, recruiting and research. Interns are encouraged to seek opportunities to align their academic and professional goals with the organization’s mission.


This Fellowship can be full-time or part-time in the spring with potential extension in the summer. If currently a student, itotheN can work with your college or university to assist with co-curricular requirements.


Compensation & Benefits


As a social enterprise in the very early stages of formation, itotheN cannot offer compensation for this fellowship. This fellowship in unpaid. 


Benefits of the Fellowship:

  • Potential work publication and amplification on our website and/or through client work.

  • Exposure to the workings of an early-stage international development consulting business.

  • Potential for impact on the company’s formation across multiple areas of work. 

  • Opportunities for customized professional growth, including designing the scope of your own fellowship and meeting professionals interested in this niche sector.

  • Flexible hours, virtual engagement (combination of synchronous and asynchronous work) and a culture that promotes a healthy pace of work.




  • Strong interest in the intersection of neuroscience or psychology and international development or public policy.

  • Master’s degree or graduate student currently enrolled at a university. Preference will be given to those in relevant fields such as public policy, government, global affairs, international development, economics, peace studies, public health, global mental health, neuroscience, neurobiology, developmental psychology, early childhood development, education, family sciences, human development, biological sciences.

  • Excellent ability to conduct research and analysis and present synthesized results in a compelling way. Excellent writing skills a must.

  • Entrepreneurial Spirit: Self-driven, resourceful, comfortable building things from scratch, able to thrive in ambiguity, intuitive, open to course-correction, resilient to failure.


     A PLUS if you have:

  • Experience with global development programs, international donors or governments.

  • Experience in child protection, education, child mental health, parenting, caregiving or other activities in direct support of child mental and emotional development.

  • Experience in consulting, research or start up organizations.


Our Commitment to Be Human

itotheN is committed to an inclusive, diverse and equitable workplace where your unique story is already a unique contribution to the world. itotheN encourages diversity in all its forms, including racial, ethnic, of nationality, gender, abilities, spiritual, intellectual, socio-economic and of experiences, including successes, risks taken and lessons learned. We strive to build a workplace that fosters a sense of belonging, where psychological freedom to express our uniqueness results in a productive and synergetic heterogeneity that boosts our collective well-being and effectiveness. We can’t wait to welcome your whole you to itotheN.

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