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At itotheN, we strive to make our world happier, healthier, more peaceful, and more prosperous through the promotion of a more science-informedequitably shared, and strategic effort in the early formation of human hearts and minds. 

To achieve this, itotheN's approach is to put the early formation of human minds at the center of societal priorities, government policies, and development programs as catalysts for global intergenerational change.

We are committed to achieving our goals of providing a happier and healthier world through positive childhood envrionments. In order to achieve these goals, we rely on the extraordinary work provided by our fellows and their shared commitment to bettering our world. The appreciation of our fellows’ work and shared commitment to itotheN’s vision cannot fully be expressed in words and we do not wish to limit our appreciation to just words.

For both the exceptional work of our fellows and the continued growth of itotheN, we aim to provide funding so that our fellows can be fairly compensated for their work as well as to ensure itotheN has the financial means of achieving our goals. To do this, we ask our supporters and those that share in our values and vision to help in providing compensation for our fellows and funding for our organization. 

Our goal is to raise $50,000

by June 15th of this year, allowing us to compensate our current and future fellows.

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We're awarding those who donate the stated amount the following rewards.

Tier 1


All donations of $100.00 or more will receive an e-story book 

Tier 2


Tier description

Tier 3

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Learn more about us, our work, our vision, and how your contribution will help us grow.

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