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As a social enterprise that is starting up, we rely on the extraordinary work of our Fellows and their shared commitment to bettering humanity and our world, from one generation to another.

For the past year, our Fellows have made an enormous impact on our mission and organization. Of those contributions, they have: 

At itotheN, we strive to make our world happier, healthier, more peaceful, and more prosperous through the promotion of a more science-informed, equitably shared, and strategic effort in the early formation of human hearts and minds. 

To achieve this, itotheN's approach is to put the early formation of human minds at the center of societal priorities, government policies, and development programs to act as catalysts for global intergenerational change.

  • Begun building our institutional thought leadership through the completion of the Positive Childhood Environments Index and Report and ongoing research on Early Childhood in International Development and Infant/Child Mental Health for more Successful Societies.

  • Establish partnerships with global, national, and local organizations and academic institutions to explore avenues of collaboration to further our mission.

  • Supported the organization's infrastructure in operations, marketing and communications, administration, recruitment, and technology to keep our organization moving forward.

The appreciation of our Fellows cannot be fully expressed in words and we do not wish to limit our appreciation to just words.

With your contributions, intotheN will be able to continue its efforts and fairly compensate our Fellows for the rest of the year 2022. This year, our Fellows will:

  • Pilot the revenue-generating application of an evidence-based, parent engagement product in a developing country.

  • Launch the publication of the Positive Childhood Environments Index and Report.

  • Bolster our Infant and Child Mental Health research and involvement in global working groups for more collaborative solutions.

  • Build and implement an effective Marketing and Communications Strategy.

  • Conduct deeper industry research publications as well as for business strategy and development.

Our goal is to raise $50,000

  by June 15th of this year, and with your contributions we can make it possible. 

We also want to show our appreciation for your support and contributions to itotheN! While all contributions are greatly appreciated, the following tiers offer corresponding rewards for your generous contributions!

We thank you again for your contributions and look forward to working together!

Colorful Notebooks

Tier 1


All donors of $100.00 or more will receive an e-storybook. Readers will join Inny's adventure through itotheN's Pillars of Positive Childhood Environments!



Tier 2

Raffle ticket

All donors of $500.00 will be entered into a raffle. Winners of the raffle will receive a gift bag containing an assortment of itotheN merchandise!

Donors will receive Tier 1 rewards in addition to Tier 2 rewards.


Tier 3

Recognition of donors in our upcoming report   

All donors of $1,000.00 will have their names written in itotheN's upcoming, debut report! 

Donors will receive Tier 1 and Tier 2 rewards in addition to Tier 3 rewards.

Send your contribution to:

Get to know us

At itotheN, we are committed to human-centered innovation for intergenerational impact. This means that ​we work to translate top academic research in human development, biological sciences, mental health, psychology, and neuroscience into innovative applicable solutions for future generations of happier and healthier humans and societies. 

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Thank you! 










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